The Trade that Launched My Professional Trading Career

After struggling for many years through losses and inconsistent returns in my trading accounts, I came across a book called Profiting With Iron Condors by Micheal Hanania Benklifa.

The book is all about monthly credit spreads primarily using index options on the SPX, NDX and RUT. It also provided other Iron Condor strategies around hi beta stocks before earnings.

After reading that book in 2013, I began to implement a trading strategy that would change my trading career to this day. But the road to being constantly profitable would still take me another year.

I learned that risk management was the key to the monthly expiration trade. Knowing when and how to adjust positions is the key to trading this strategy successfully! It took me several months and some losses to tweak the strategy to avoid big losses and to leverage the trade to increase income.

Ultimately, this trade is the one that led me to my professional trading career.

In my next email, I will share the trade that really took me to the next level. I even made a webinar for it that I will share with you.

Make sure you look out for the email. The subject is: Now This Trade Took Me to the Next Level.

Talk soon,

Al Losada

Founder |

P.S. My Monthly Expiration Trade is one that I provide live updates for… I will share more about that in my next post.