Now This Trade Took Me to the Next Level

When I set out to launch my Facebook Group to help traders, I did not imagine that I would learn a trading strategy from one of the traders that joined my group. But that is in fact what happened!

I had played around with very short term credit spreads on several occasions only to get burned over and over. Can you relate? For over a year I put it aside and focused on my Monthly Iron Condor trade.

Then I started following a few of some member’s posts, and noticed some consistency. So I started asking questions. One thing led to the next, and I started testing SPX 0 DTE trades with one or two contracts. It was actually producing results!

I started posting my trades and sharing the details. Another trader in my group analyzed the results and shared them with me. I wrote my trade plan and added to the number of my contracts until the trade became my own.

My returns seems way too good to be true. I was netting over 50% per week and sure enough, a couple of big losses set me back a bit.

I then tweaked my trade plan solidifying my risk management strategy to eliminate big losses. That change lowered my returns to about 20% per week. But com’on… who would not be happy with a 20% return rate weekly!

I knew that this trade could change the life of a lot of traders out there so I created a course that not only provides the complete trade plan for 0 DTE but also for my other two strategies, 7 DTE and Monthlys.

It is my SPX Credit Spread Trading Course

I do not promote this in my Facebook group and never will. But we all learn in different ways and this is just one way that I am able to share all that I have learned over the past 20 years of trading for a very low cost. If that’s not for you, I provide a lot of free content about all of my trades in my YouTube Channel

My course not only teaches you how to trade my three specific trades, but it also speaks to the development and testing of a trade plan. We also dive deep into trader psychology and how prevent the 3 emotions (fear, greed and remorse) to stop of us from reaching our potential as traders.

I hope you are following along here…. learn from others, test it yourself with small trades, tweak it and allow it to become consistent, write a trade plan with your rules and guidelines, trade bigger, build confidence and you have arrived!

This is the trade that took me to the next level. I will share how to create your trade plan in my next email.

 Talk soon,

Al Losada

Founder |