Hey, just a few things to keep in mind if you want your trading to be consistent

Are you really serious about your Trading and Trading Strategy?

Think about it. Whether you’re a plumber or an executive, you need to make the investment to educate and train yourself so that you will be proficient in your field of work.

Some of us have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in college and other training programs to prepare yourself for a job or career. I’m sure you have probably read books and articles, but are you applying and practicing the principles that you’ve learned?

Trust me, I get it. Between your partner, kids, family career, it is just not easy to find the time in the day to perfect your trading. But unfortunately if you want to make your trading successful, practice is vital. It’s just like anything else that you work to be good at.

Finding the time to apply and practice what you’ve learned is really important or else it’s just a hobby or worse yet, a gambling exercise.

I’ve been there! For many years I traded and lost, and it wasn’t until I decided that I wanted to make this eventually my profession. So I put myself on a plan.

 I made the time to invest in myself. I read dozens of books, took courses , subscribed signal services. And finally, I found the strategy that was right for me.

The strategy was one that I could continue working, spend time with my family and invest into my future dream career.

I bet you’re asking what was that strategy! Well, in my next post to you, I will tell you.

Please make sure you read it… It may change your trading career and life for the better! 

 Talk soon,

Al Losada

Founder | SimpleOptionStrategies.com