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Hi, my name is Al Losada and I have been trading stock and index options for over 10 years. Before that, I traded stocks and commodities, but I did not find my niche until I fully embraced options trading. My trading was inconsistent at best but now I trade consistently profitable. Over the years I perfected my trading strategies and now only use two strategies that provide a consistent income stream.

I have a strong passion for trading and I am very passionate to see other succeed as well. There really is no one magic bullet that will take you from inconsistent returns to success, but there is a path that will get you there. If you are willing to learn, commit the time and embrace some basic principles, you will achieve success! In the end, it really was very simple for me.  I found a strategy that worked over and over again and only traded that strategy. I now trade big, which should be the goal of every trader that wants to succeed in a big way.

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